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In 1994, our friend David Emerson, then just 34 years old, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. Between 1994 and 1997 David combated three occurrences of his myeloma with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and a stem cell transplant. On his third occurrence his doctors told him there was nothing more that could be done and that he had six months to a year to live. 

Not accepting his fate, David did extensive online research to seek out alternative therapies to survive. Against all odds, in 1997 he found an alternative treatment that saved his life. His myeloma began to slowly retreat. David has been cancer free since! 

Social networks have proven to be a life-changing link between patients, caregivers, and medical professionals in the pursuit of broad-spectrum treatment and management of cancer.  One example of this is that David founded in 2004 - still going strong today and serving thousands of people in need of information about how to beat their disease.

The Lougheed Initiative grants funds to organizations like that help bridge the knowledge gap relative to patients' healthcare.  This enables patients, caregivers, and doctors to work in concert to fight the world's most costly diseases. 

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